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Location of the AlpsRelax holiday apartment: Via Run 11, 7180 Disentis / Switzerland

Nearest Airport : 200 km – Zurich Airport, 2 hours drive.

Nearest Train Station: 800 meters – Disentis Connection with Swiss Railways (SBB/CFF)

Nearest Ski Resort: 800 meters – Disentis, and connected with Sedrun & Oberalp & SkiArena Andermatt. Find out more about winter sports in DISENTIS

Nearest Golf Resort: 14 km – Sedrun

Direct environment of Alpsrelax Holiday Apartment

In the upper side of the village, the apartment oversees the village. Located in a quiet residential area in Via Run 11. It is also at the beginning of a beautiful walk through the woods, and at the higher end of the promenade it provides a breathtaking view of the Alps.

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The breathtaking views, the peaks that exceed 3000 meters, the 180 km of slopes, 33 ski lifts and more than 30 gastronomic points make the Andermatt + Sedrun + Disentis area a unique place in the world to fully enjoy the mountains. In one day you will not ski on the same slope twice. You will travel the entire mountain range from Disentis to Andermatt via Sedrun, crossing the wonderful Oberalp pass with its red lighthouse that indicates the source of the Rhine. An unforgettable experience that will eclipse everything you have seen pima.

Ski resort map

Where is Disentis Switzerland?

By road, Disentis is one-hour west of the canton capital of Chur & around 2½hr from the gateway airport of Zurich (ZRH).

The train is the recommended mode of travel to Disentis & its neighbouring resorts of Sedrun & Andermatt. Two trains are required to get to Disentis from the airport. One direct to Chur, then another from Chur to the station at Disentis/Mustèr. The comfortable journey usually takes less than 4hr.

By rail, Disentis/Mustèr station is a linking point between regional trains from Andermatt in the west & Chur in the east. From Andermatt, the train goes over Oberalppass to Acla da Fontauna – the last stop before it terminates at Disentis/Mustèr. Train journeys to & from Andermatt are free for lift pass holders & take just over an hour – more than enough time to get a good in the après ski carriage & enjoy a coffee/brioche in the morning & a beer or cocktail in the afternoon.